How Amazon’s Entry is Beneficial for Pakistan

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Commerce revealed data that showed 35 percent growth of e-commerce in the first quarter of the present fiscal year as compared to previous year. In the second quarter, Amazon’s Eric Broussard announced that Pakistani sellers can now sell their products across the globe through his company’s platform. These two developments provided confidence to young entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises across the country, because now they can also avail the benefits offered by the platform which will widen and diversify Pakistan’s export basket. This will not only enhance their revenues but also help the government in improving the macroeconomic outlook of the country.
Few years back, the trend of e-commerce lacked in Pakistan, due to deliverance of poor quality or fake products by some of online stores, secondly, the prevailed culture of physical shopping did not allow the people that they may go for online shopping, but insurgence of COVID-19 restricted people to buy things physically, therefore, customers started shifting towards online shopping. In response, sellers also started focusing more on services, quality and delivery of products. Amazon’s entry into Pakistan will be the rise in competition which will force local platforms to improve their quality control mechanism.
Pakistani sellers selling on Amazon will impact the economy in a positive manner. This is because unlike before, where Pakistan sellers used to sell through third parties, they will now be able to sell directly. This will help boost the economy and create more job opportunities.
Becoming eligible to trade via Amazon in Pakistan is indeed a promising development that will have multiple benefits. It will help Pakistani community to generate economic opportunities and improve their lifestyle, because during these uncertain times, innovative solutions are required critically.
Amazon has stood up and helped many businesses remain afloat. It has also helped consumers under lockdown to cover their essential needs. This year’s first-quarter results released by Amazon show an increase of 44 percent in net sales compared to the first quarter in 2020.

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