The First iPhone Did Not Have Copy and Paste, for obvious reasons

When Apple released the first-generation iPhone 15 years ago, there was no copy and paste function. One of Apple’s original iPhone designers has revealed that the first device didn’t have cut or copy and paste because he didn’t have enough time to make it.

Ken Kocienda took to Twitter this week to reveal some insider information about the process of designing and manufacturing the first iPhone. While the first iPhone was revolutionary in many ways, thanks to its multi-touch touchscreen and other features, it lacked one critical feature: cut, copy, and paste.

The reason the first-generation iPhone didn’t have a copy-and-paste feature was simple, according to Kocienda: there wasn’t enough time for development. He claimed that the team was hard at work on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard and autocorrection system. Kocienda and his team finally decided to develop a copy and paste option after the release of the first iPhone, but it took some time.

He also revealed that while working on the iPhone’s autocorrect dictionary, he visited long-lost internal Apple websites of words compiled by Apple, then added extras such as product names like iMac, sports teams, slang, and contractions like don’t. Because the autocorrect system was rude and offered “hateful words,” Kocienda had to create a list of “horrid language” to ensure the iPhone never autocorrected such words, only allowing users to type them exactly. It’s no surprise that my iPhone is constantly telling people to “get the duck off my lawn.”

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