China Mocks G7 for Calling Itself ‘International Society’

A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry on Wednesday mocked the Group of Seven (G7) for using the term “international corporation” to describe its ambitions.

On Sunday, G7 leaders pledged to raise $600 billion in public and private funds over five years to fund much-needed infrastructure in developing countries and combat the Belt and Road Project. trillions of dollars worth of sugar from China.

“So next time they say ‘international society’, you know what they mean,” Zhao Lijian said in a Twitter post comparing the bloc to the BRICS which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The spokesperson emphasized that a block representing 777 million people cannot make global terms, unlike a block representing more than 3.2 billion people.

Later, China’s official Xinhua News Agency quoted Lijian as adding that the population of the G7 countries only accounts for about one-tenth of the total world population.

“They do not have the status of representing the whole world, let alone the right to regard their own values ​​and norms as universal on an international scale,” he argues.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry also supported China’s position, explaining how all the countries represented in the BRICS have their distinct identities intact.

Three days ago, US President Joe Biden and other G7 leaders restarted the newly renamed “Global Infrastructure and Investment Partnership” initiative at the annual meeting held in 2016. now in Schloss Elmau, southern Germany.

Europe will raise 300 billion euros for this initiative during the same period to build a sustainable alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which the Chinese President Practice The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen speaking at the rally was Xi Jinping in 2013.

China’s investment plan involves development and programs in more than 100 countries aimed at creating a modern version of the ancient Silk Road trade route between Asia and Europe.

White House officials say the plan has brought little concrete benefit to many developing countries.

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