Sami Wahid, MD of Mondelez Pakistan, joins the Male Champions of Change

Mondelez Pakistan has reached a significant milestone with the addition of its MD, Sami Wahid, to the Male Champions of Change Pakistan (MCC Pakistan).

MCC Pakistan is a leading platform whose members are dedicated to using their influence and resources to level the playing field on issues such as gender equality, diversity, and women’s empowerment within their organizations and society as a whole.

MCC Pakistan was founded in 2018 and is a member of the Champions of Change Coalition. The body’s strategy is to engage men in positions of power and influence in order to advance gender equality.

Members include 19 MDs and Managing Directors from some of Pakistan’s largest corporations in industries such as hospitality, telecommunications, information technology, textile, financial advisory, micro-finance, logistics, and media.

Sami Wahid’s membership in MCC Pakistan demonstrates his dedication to leading Mondelz Pakistan’s pursuit of diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Sami Wahid, MD of Mondelz Pakistan, Fiza Farhan, Convener of MCC Pakistan, Khadijah Khan, People Lead Commercial at Mondelz Pakistan, and Afshan Khan, Talent Acquisition Advisor at Mondelz Pakistan, all attended a signing ceremony at the Mondelz Pakistan headquarters to formalize Wahid’s appointment to the panel.

Sami Wahid, MD of Mondelez Pakistan, commented on the development, saying, “As leaders, we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to create a diverse and inclusive workplace for our people.”

“Working with the Champions of Change demonstrates Mondelz Pakistan’s ongoing commitment to accelerate gender equality within our organization and beyond,” he added.

Mondelez Pakistan has prioritized addressing diversity, equality, and inclusion issues, as well as advancing more and diverse women into leadership positions.

The company recently received an award for Gender Diversity in the Workplace at the CFA Society Pakistan’s 18th Annual Excellence Awards.

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