Apple Is Getting Rid Of Passwords From Next Month

Apple will eliminate passwords from its products beginning next month, as per reports.

Password-free logins are expected to be available in September, when iOS 16 is released alongside the rumoured iPhone 14 and macOS Ventura for Mac.

Instead of a password, users will now be asked for a Passkey, which is a digital key that is authenticated using your fingerprint (Touch ID) or face (Face ID) on an iPhone or Mac.

The new security procedure provides Apple users with a login that cannot be guessed or leaked and is just as quick to enter.

Passkeys are stored on users’ devices, but they will sync across multiple devices using Apple’s iCloud Keychain, which is already used to track passwords.

Notably, no one, not even Apple, can read these digital keys, which means users will not fall victim to phishing attacks or data breaches because there is no information to hand over.

Apple’s ultimate goal is for Passkeys to work with non-Apple devices such as Windows laptops and Android phones.

Notably, both Microsoft and Google have been working on password-free systems in recent years, but it appears Apple may be the first.

According to reports, the new iOS 16 will be available in September, following the major change announced in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference to coincide with their new launches.

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