‘I Felt Alone,’ Says Virat Kohli of His Mental Health Struggles

Former Indian captain Virat Kohli will return to international action at the Asia Cup in 2022.

Kohli, 33, has been having a difficult time in his cricket career. During India’s 2022 tour of the United Kingdom (UK), the batting legend failed to score even a half-century.

According to Times Now, Kohli will lead the batting line-up in the Asia Cup.

Kohli stressed the importance of mental health in an interview with Indian Express.

He advised young players, stating that athletes are subjected to a great deal of pressure, which can negatively impact their mental health.

While sports bring out the best in athletes, they can also put them under pressure, according to Kohli. He stated that even when people try to be strong, it can have a negative impact on them and “tear them apart.”

He went on to say that, in addition to physical fitness, players must connect with their inner selves.

The 33-year-old then shared his own experience, stating that he “felt alone” in a room full of people who loved him.

The former spinner discovered that it was critical to “compartmentalize” time in order to reconnect with one’s “core self.”

“It’s something worth investing in because it’s the only way to feel sane and enjoy your work,” Kohli added.

The batting legend also stated that he prioritized getting enough sleep and spending time with his family.

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