Floods Cause Untold Devastation, As Death Toll Tops 900

The recent heavy monsoon rains and subsequent floods killed over 900 people and injured nearly 1,300 others, causing a “humanitarian crisis” in the country, Climate-Change Minister Sherry Rehman revealed on Wednesday.

Rehman said in a series of tweets that heartbreaking scenes of devastation were emerging from the affected areas, as thousands of people had been displaced due to the floods, adding that thousands of people were still trapped in floodwater and awaiting rescue and relief.

“A humanitarian crisis has erupted across the country as a result of record rains,” she said in one of her tweets. “We must deal with and overcome the humanitarian crisis as a nation, not as individuals.” This is the time to come together, not divide.”

Rehman stated that 903 people have died as a result of monsoon rains and floods since June, including 326 children and 191 women. She went on to say that 1,293 people were injured. According to the minister’s data, the majority of the deaths and injuries occurred in Sindh and Balochistan.

She assured that the government was utilizing all available resources to assist flood victims, but that authorities required additional resources to deal with the disaster. He emphasized the importance of mobilizing “partners and donors at the national and international levels” to fill the resource gap.

Meanwhile, the government has asked the public to contribute to the Prime Minister Relief Fund. Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of Information, stated that overseas Pakistanis could also send donations via wire transfers, money service bureaus, money transfer operators, and exchange houses.

Rehman’s data is an update on a report released by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), which stated that the devastating rains affected 3 million people across 116 of the country’s 160 districts.

According to the report on the losses of lives and property due to rains and floods, 830 people died, 413,000 houses were damaged, crops on over 2 million acres were destroyed, 707,000 cattle died, and 2,886 kilometres of highways and 129 bridges were completely or partially destroyed.

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