Google for Startups Accelerator Launches in Southeast Asia and Pakistan

Google has announced the seventh edition of its Google for Startups Accelerator (GFSA) for Southeast Asia (SEA) and Pakistan, enrolling up to 15 seed and series A startup, primarily in fintech, healthtech, retail and ecommerce, and SME-focused B2B solutions.

According to Google, the three-month program will help startups solve their specific challenges by providing the best of Google resources, including Google mentors, a network of new contacts to help them on their journeys, and cutting-edge technology.

Since Google’s first GFSA launch in 2016, it has helped over 90 startups raise over $5.4 billion in funding and create over 1,600 jobs in Southeast Asia and Pakistan.

DeafTalk from Pakistan is a notable alumnus, having participated in GFSA 2020 and providing accessibility solutions for deaf people such as online sign language interpretation, audio-video translation, and sign language training.

Startups will benefit from tailored mentorship from Google’s global mentor network, as well as access to Google’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, Android, and web experts, as well as training in areas such as product design, business strategy, customer acquisition, and leadership development.

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