Honda HR-V Magnificent Crossover is Set to Be Launched in Pakistan Soon

Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL) has announced that the HR-V will be available in Pakistan very soon.

“The HR-V will be available in both hybrid and non-hybrid configurations.” It will entice customers with its cutting-edge design and low fuel consumption,” HACPL General Manager of Sales and Marketing Amir Nazir said.

The HR-V has a long history in Pakistan. Its Japanese counterpart, the Honda Vezel, has long been imported as a CBU in Pakistan by private dealerships. HACPL, on the other hand, will be introducing the automobile as a CBU for the first time. This will also be HACPL’s first venture into the crossover-SUV market.

A wrapped CBU variant of the HR-V was spotted earlier this year, shortly after Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) announced plans to introduce the Corolla Cross in Pakistan and had invested $100 million in the venture.

HACPL has not specified a release date for the HR-V, nor has it stated how much the vehicle will cost. “Due to the volatility of the exchange rate, we are unable to comment on the car’s price.” However, it will be priced very competitively to its competitors.”

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