Austria Announces Scholarships and Free Education for Pakistani Students

Top Austrian institutes have announced scholarships and subsidized education for students at the Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (PAF-IAST), Haripur.

According to the News, the University of Applied Sciences – FH JOANNEUM will only charge PAF-IAST students a minimal out-of-EU fee of EUR 80 rather than the full EUR 9,000.

The tuition fee for PAF-IAST students has been waived by the University of Applied Sciences – Management Center Innsbruck. Scholarships for PAF-IAST students have also been announced by the International Cooperation Higher Education Austria (OEAD), which will cover living expenses up to EUR 1,180.

The development occurred during the PAF-IAST delegation’s recent visit to Austria. The delegation was led by Dr. Atta Ur Rahman, Vice Chair of the PAF-IAST Board of Governors (BoGs).

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated PAF-IAST in Haripur’s Mang area in September 2020.

PAF-IAST seeks to contribute to Pakistan’s development of a broad-based, balanced industrial economy. It aims to expand and improve the quality of higher education in engineering, science, and technology.

It provides programs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), engineering, food technology, and other disciplines that aid in the production of assets for the high-tech industry.

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