British MP Urges the International Community to Cancel Pakistan Debts Amid Flood Disaster

UK MP Claudia Webbe has urged the international community to cancel Pakistan’s international debts in the aftermath of devastating floods that have wreaked havoc across the country, driving inflation to a 47-year high.

The UK lawmaker’s call comes as Pakistan deals with the worst climate disaster in its history, with officials reporting that more than 33 million people have been affected — one in every seven Pakistanis — and reconstruction work will cost more than $10 billion.

Rains, described as a “monsoon on steroids” by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, have claimed hundreds of lives since June, unleashing powerful floods that have washed away swaths of vital crops and damaged or destroyed more than a million homes.

MP Claudia Webbe has joined a number of other international figures in expressing support for Pakistan, claiming that the country is facing a crisis caused by the developed world.

“In Pakistan, inflation is at an all-time high of 27%!” she exclaimed.

“Pakistan’s international debt should be immediately cancelled; instead, they should be compensated for the climate crisis,” Webbe urged the world.

She had previously raised the issue, slamming the “silence from Western political leaders” as Pakistan faces a historic disaster, calling it a “moral crime.”

The lawmaker stated that now is the time to stand shoulder to shoulder in full solidarity with Pakistan, and he called for the imposition of a global climate tax to make the world’s wealthy pay for the climate damage they cause.

She informed the international community that a tragedy is unfolding in Pakistan, which accounts for only 1% of global emissions.

“It is completely unfair that it should bear the brunt of climate change.” The climate crisis was caused by the super-rich. The cost should be borne by the super-rich.”

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