Russian Oil Tycoon Who Called for Ceasefire in Ukraine Has Died After ‘Falling Out of Hospital Window.’

A Russian oil tycoon who called for a cease-fire following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has died after ‘falling out of a hospital window,’ according to reports.

Ravil Maganov, the chairman of Lukoil, Russia’s second largest company after Gazprom, died at the age of 67 after “falling out of a window” at Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital.

Lukoil later confirmed his death, saying in a statement that he died after a “serious illness,” while Russian media claimed he committed suicide by jumping out of a sixth-floor window.

In March of this year, Maganov called for the’shortest possible termination of the armed conflict’ sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Lukoil stated their support for a ‘lasting ceasefire.’

The company also expressed “sincere empathy for all conflict victims.”

More than six months after the invasion began, no ceasefire is in sight, and domestic anti-war protests have resulted in thousands of people being detained by police.

Maganov is far from the only Russian to have died in mysterious circumstances in recent months.

At least five other prominent Russian businessmen have died by’suicide’ this year, and many of their deaths were suspicious.

One man was discovered with multiple stab wounds in his chest, and another who was discovered hanged appeared to have been severely beaten before his death.

Two other prominent Russian businessmen, along with their wives and daughters, were found dead in what were described as’murder-suicides.’

Those closest to the deceased claimed they did not believe the official version of events and that they were killed because they ‘knew something.’

Aside from the businessmen who have died in mysterious circumstances, there have been numerous other suspicious deaths of prominent Russian figures.

A number of political opponents, lawyers, journalists, and others have died in alleged accidents or suicides.

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