PTA Advises Parental Control Apps to Parents

To avoid any adverse incidence connected to cybercrime, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has encouraged parents to utilize parental control software on mobile phones and devices.

“Parents need to be aware of children’s online activities to avoid their engagement in cybercrime over the internet/social media, which will ultimately have criminal implications,” the telecom watchdog advised in a warning.

Online gaming, entertainment, and learning are all typical advantages of being online, but there are also possible drawbacks including improper content, cyberbullying, and exposure to predators. If their parents and teachers are not guiding or supervising such activities, children might easily become victims, the watchdog said.

PTA has also provided the list of software offering parental control for public guidance:

  1. Net Nanny
  2. Norton
  3. Qustodio
  4. WebWatcher
  5. McAfee Safe
  6. Family Witigo
  7. Parental Filter
  8. ContentBarrier
  9. Spytech SentryPC
  10. Verity
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