An Ideal Amount of Sleep Is Required to Be Successful: Jeff Bezos

US billionaire Jeff Bezos has revealed that he requires a certain amount of sleep each night in order to be successful in business.

Bezos, the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, revealed that getting a good night’s sleep allows him to function better and make “high quality decisions.”

In an interview that was later shared by the YouTube channel Success Mindset, the retail tycoon revealed: “I sleep for eight hours every night. It is my top priority. I require eight hours of sleep per night. I believe I am correct. I have more stamina. My mood has improved. All of the above.”

He added: “And consider this: as a Senior Executive, what exactly do you get paid to do? As a Senior Executive, you are compensated for making a limited number of high-quality decisions. It’s enough if I make three good decisions a day. And they should be of the highest possible quality.”

Bezos used the opportunity to poke fun at fellow billionaire Warren Buffet, saying, “Warren Buffet says he’s good if he makes three good decisions a year!”

Bezos now owns 11% of Amazon shares after stepping down as CEO in 2021, but has sold an estimated $27 billion in shares since 1997, according to Forbes.

Whether he gets eight hours of sleep a night or not, he’s now falling down the global rich list. According to Bloomberg, he recently lost his title as the world’s second-richest person to Indian entrepreneur Gautam Adani, who is Asia’s richest person.

The Adani Group’s Founder and Chairman received the latter award in February, surpassing fellow Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani. Adani’s fortune has grown by nearly $61 billion this year as a result of a series of transactions that have seen the industrialist’s portfolio diversify into cement, airports, coal, and other industries.

This year, the wealthy businessman has rocketed up the rich list charts, beginning 2022 as the 14th richest on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Adani’s fortune has now surpassed Bezos’ to become the second-richest individual, valued at $146.9 billion, compared to the Amazon CEO’s fortune of $145.8 billion.

Elon Musk, who has a fortune worth $264 billion, is ahead of Adani and Bezos on the list.

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