Private Universities Are Being Granted Charters Without Mandatory Scrutiny

The Governor of Punjab, Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman, has stated that charters for private universities are being granted haphazardly and without due consideration in the province.

He spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, claiming that the indiscriminate awarding of charters to private-sector universities is resulting in poor educational quality.

He recalled his tenure as Education Minister, claiming that the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), and Higher Education Department (HED) used to scrutinize any charter before granting it.

He also stated that education policies are not developed on time, as seen at Aitchison College and Lawrence College, where policies have not been developed even after two years, hampered the performance of higher education institutions.

Furthermore, he bemoaned the irregular appointments to statutory positions in universities, noting that it is critical to appoint Controllers of Examination, Registrars, Deans, Treasurers, and Vice-Chancellors (VC) on time in order to ensure good governance in universities.

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