Adobe AI Can Now Detect Faces, Clothes for Improved Photo Editing

The business revealed on Tuesday at its Max Conference that Adobe’s Lightroom software is now utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance the process of editing photographs faster and more effective.

The AI technology, which is now present in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and the smartphone apps for the software, according to CNET, recognizes not only facial traits but also people, objects, and clothing.

Adobe’s AI analysis tool is yet another illustration of how quickly artificial intelligence is developing to expedite tasks that computers previously could not envision performing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can recognize patterns and act like the human brain after being fed enormous amounts of data from the actual world. This differs from the common “if this, then that” directives.

AI is currently capable of a wide range of jobs, from creating art to detecting fraud and criminal activity.

One of Lightroom’s additional selection capabilities is the ability to isolate a certain person from any image.

The company also disclosed numerous further developments at the conference, including several in the automatic masking tool.

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