Saudi Arabia Celebrates Halloween with Glory and Gore On Riyadh Boulevard

The spooky season began in Riyadh when the Boulevard was transformed into a venue-wide costume party for the “Scary Weekend” event on Thursday and Friday.

Visitors dressed up in scary costumes were allowed free entry to the Boulevard.

The event was dedicated to showcasing terrifying disguises and the inventive designs of Saudis and residents. The goal was to create an atmosphere of fun, thrills, and excitement as people learned about the stories behind the various character costumes.

Abdulrahman, one of the attendees, dressed up as the North American mythological creature Wendigo. According to legend, the folkloric creature is a malevolent spirit that possesses humans, instils feelings of greed and hunger in them, and cannibalises them, feeding on their flesh. This was Abdulrahman’s first time in the country celebrating Halloween.

“It’s a great celebration, honestly, and there’s a joyous spirit… I’m not sure whether it’s haram or halal. We celebrate it solely for the sake of having fun. “We have no faith in anything,” he told Arab News.

While Halloween has long been avoided in the Gulf, attendees at the event described it as a harmless form of entertainment.

“Actions are based on intentions,” said one eventgoer, Khaled Alharbi. I’m just here to have a good time.”

Alharbi arrived with his family, dressed as a bloodied doctor, nurse, and consultant. They created a backstory for their costumes and arrived just in time for the city’s biggest costume party on the Boulevard. Alharbi was carrying a two-year-old family member dressed as a witch, who cast an insanity spell on the rest of the family for fun.

This was also the first Halloween for the family.

A witch with velvety red hair and a festive hat sat nearby, accompanied by a friend dressed as Catwoman. The two spoke to Arab News while sitting on a sidewalk, their costumes completed with temporary tattoos.

“I attempted to combine jewellery and eyeliner tattoos.” Makeup, I believe, inspires me as well. This is my first Halloween celebration. “I missed the date last year, and I will not miss it this time,” Ameera, the witch, said.

The event, they said, was a great opportunity for them to express their creativity and celebrate with the Saudi people. Both work in a hospital and said that dressing up was a great way for them to unwind and have fun.

The event included a fireworks display, enhanced sound effects, and spooky decorations. On March 17 and 18, a similar event was held at Boulevard Riyadh City and Winter Wonderland.

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