HEC Stopped NOC Issuance to New Universities in Order to Improve the Quality of Education

Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Education Minister, has prohibited the Higher Education Commission (HEC) from issuing NOCs to new universities in order to improve the quality of existing universities.

The Minister requested strict action against all universities that were established without obtaining NOCs from HEC in an official letter to Chairman HEC, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed.

The Minister also suggested that the Chairman of HEC launch a comprehensive print and electronic media campaign about universities operating without NOCs.

The development comes just days after the National Assembly Standing Committee on Education unanimously recommended that the HEC ensure that universities are not established without first obtaining NOC from the National Assembly.

The Minister also stated that higher education serves as the foundation of knowledge. It serves as the foundation for a platform that contributes significantly to economic growth and development by encouraging innovation and increasing higher-level skills.

Young people account for 70% of the total population of the country. Youth can contribute to Pakistan’s economic development if they receive a high-quality higher education.

This is only possible if there is a clear strategy in place to raise the standards and quality of existing higher education institutions rather than allowing the establishment of new universities at both the federal and provincial levels.

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