Online Housing and Auto Finance Scams Rob Citizens of Billions of Rupees

According to Geo news, two suspected online scammers set up shadow companies for housing and auto finance on well-known e-commerce websites and defrauded citizens out of billions of rupees.

According to the victims, over 200 FIRS have been filed against unnamed individuals so far, but law enforcement agencies have taken no action (LEAs).

According to reports, the suspects entice customers by offering low-cost housing and automobile options through shadow companies on the country’s online shopping websites.

After receiving a down payment from the citizens, they use delaying tactics through complex contract clauses. Furthermore, if the victims file a complaint or a FIR with the police, the suspects repeatedly change the names of the fraudulent companies.

Furthermore, a case against such companies was transferred from the high court to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in 2021, but authorities have made no progress.

Azhar Abbas Naqvi, one of the victims, stated that 716 people have fallen victim to such organizations, but no arrests have been made to recover the stolen funds.


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