Pakistan Rejects India’s Remarks at ‘No Money for Terror’ Meeting

The Indian leadership’s “baseless propaganda and irresponsible remarks” against Pakistan at the so-called “No Money for Terror” Ministerial meeting held in New Delhi were categorically rejected, the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday.

India continues to mislead the world about Pakistan’s counterterrorism credentials, according to a statement from the Foreign Office, driven by its incorrigible and incurable desire to disparage Pakistan at every opportunity.

The statement claimed that Islamabad was falsely accused of funding terrorist organisations that are outlawed repeatedly.

The Foreign Office claimed that in light of Pakistan’s effective counterterrorism measures, which have received the Financial Action Task Force’s due recognition and acknowledgement, India’s hollow rhetoric has been exposed (FATF).

It stated that Pakistan’s effective removal from the Grey List this October was made possible by its strong and credible AML and CFT actions, as well as its successful implementation of the FATF action plans.

Unfortunately, the Foreign Office noted that India is still waging a ferocious war on terror in the illegally occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

In IIOJK, where its security forces routinely terrorise, torment, and torture defenceless Kashmiris with impunity, there is no justification for India’s state-sponsored terrorism, according to the statement.

“Most regrettably, India has long supported and protected terrorists. It cleared Swami Aseemanand in 2019, the main suspect in the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing that claimed the lives of 43 Pakistani citizens on Indian soil.”

The Foreign Office reported earlier this year that 11 defendants in the Bilkis Bano gang-rape case that occurred during the Gujarat riots of 2002 had been freed by Indian courts.

Similar to this, India purposefully withheld witnesses and reliable evidence from Pakistani courts during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks trial, despite repeated requests over the last 14 years, only to drag and perpetuate the case to serve its nefarious political agenda, it continued.

The Foreign Office noted that India’s involvement in encouraging terrorism inside Pakistan is well known and well-documented.

It also stated that Pakistan had published a thorough dossier in November 2020 that provided proof of India’s involvement in subversive activities in Pakistan.

“Unmistakable evidence of India’s direct involvement in terrorism and sabotage comes from the jailed but still active Indian Naval commander Kulbhushan Yadav. It is also widely known that India has ties to TTP and other anti-Pakistan forces operating inside Afghanistan.”

Following that, the Foreign Office pleaded with the international community to hold India responsible for its actions in the IIOJK, its support of terrorist organizations, and for sowing terror in nearby nations.

In addition, the Foreign Office advised India to stop blatantly making false accusations against Pakistan for its own political gain and to immediately reform and correct its record on terrorism.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said last week in remarks directed at Pakistan and China that while some nations “support terrorism as part of their foreign policy,” others do so by “blocking action against terrorists,” according to The Indian Express.

“There are occasionally subliminal justifications offered for terrorism in order to prevent action against terrorists. When addressing a global threat, there is no room for ambiguity. It is an assault on civilised behaviour, freedom, and humanity “He asserted.

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