World’s 1st ‘Artificial Womb Facility’ Let Parents Decide Child’s Traits in Lab

A biotechnologist in Germany is developing the first artificial (and made-up) womb facility that will allow parents to choose their child’s characteristics like they would choose food from a menu. According to reports, EctoLife is the result of more than 50 years of inventive scientific research and can produce 30,000 children per year.

Hashem Al-Ghaili, a molecular biotechnologist and Yemeni YouTuber, created the fictional concept of EctoLife. He claims that the facilities will allow infertile couples to conceive a child, allowing them to become the real biological parents of their own children.

If you bought a “Elite Package,” you could genetically alter the embryo before putting it in the artificial womb. In addition to avoiding inherited genetic diseases, you can decide your child’s strength, height, IQ, eye and hair color.

Many people have expressed admiration for producer Al-Ghaili’s futuristic vision on the internet. But many people have taken his imaginative, short-film-like video for a genuine commercial.

The futuristic YouTube video by the creator introduced EctoLife as “the first artificial womb facility in the world, powered entirely by renewable energy.”

“Around 300,000 women perish from pregnancy-related complications, according to the World Health Organization. Human suffering can be lessened by using the EctoLife artificial womb, which also lowers the likelihood of C-sections. Premature births and C-sections will be a thing of the past thanks to EctoLife.

Al-Ghaili claims that this lab from the future also offers a remedy for women whose uteri were removed surgically due to complications from cancer or other diseases. Additionally, it is good news for a number of nations that are seeing significant population declines, including Bulgaria, South Korea, Japan, and many others.

With the Elite Package, you can genetically engineer a set of genes to change your baby’s eye color, hair color, skin tone, physical strength, height, and level of intelligence. As a result, your child and their offspring can live healthy, comfortable lives free of inherited disorders. Additionally, it enables you to treat any genetic disorders that run in your family.

“EctoLife offers you a risk-free, painless alternative that makes childbirth less stressful for you. The fictional company thinks that the delivery procedure is simple, convenient, and completed with the push of a button.

“You will have no trouble removing your child from the growth pod once the artificial womb has been cleared of amniotic fluid. Everything is flawlessly constructed, so you and your partner can enjoy the delivery process.”

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